Amazing Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a Fortress placed in a rock; it is situated in middle of Sri Lanka. Srilanka is an island near to India. Srilanka’s ancient architectural tradition is well showed in Sigiriya. It nominated as the Eighth wonder of the world. Sophisticated city planning was at the heart of Sigiriya. Also this place is very famous as the painting inside the rock and water supply system to the top of the rock (not use any pipe lines). As this water supply system is the main reason that this nominated as the 8th wonder.

Sigiriya dates back from over 7,000 years ago and the garden city and the palace were built by king Kasyapa 477 - 495 AD. Then after king Kasyapa's death it was a Buddhist monastery complex up to about the 14th century.

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What do you know about Sri Lanka?
Do you agree if Sigiriya become 8th wonder of the world?

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Anonymous said...

I am Sri Lankan and even though I have not visited Sigiriya I know for a fact that there is much MUCH more to write about Sigiriya and its amazingness than this scrap of junk. Please, don't underestimate us! We have much to offer the world and this bit is just not enough at all!!
I am not insulting, but, just telling you that Sigiriya needs much more attention. Try to find out more. There is an amazing and very interesting story behind this big beautiful rock than meets the eye.
Try to find more. You will be shocked!

Admin said...

for the 1st comment: actually, i'm not going to put all the details in my each post i just give some brief introduction of the place thats it. So if you are a Srilankan, please share your experience with us..

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