Climb mt Kilimanjaro, best hikes in your life

This Kilimanjaro Mountain is located in Tanzania-Africa (Inside the Kilimanjaro National park Tanzania). Kenya is located north to the mountain. This Kilimanjaro has 3 volcano cones, Kibo (5895 m), Mawensi (5149 m) and Shira (3962 m). Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world, it rising 4600 m also this is the highest mountain in the Africa 5895 m (Uhuru peak). This is an inactive mountain.

Kilimanjaro is a volcano that began forming a million years age. Now this volcano is inactive and the last major eruption has been dates to 360000 years ago. Most recent one is 200 years ago. This mountain covered with glacial ice and it loosing quickly due to the climate changes. In past most landslides occurred in Kibo (Western beach). In the research of 2003 researchers found that the molten magma is 400 m below the summit crater.

To climb Kilimanjaro there are some good routes. Two of them are more popular with hikers. Marangu route is also known as Coca cola route, this route takes 5-6 days to climb. In first days it is not difficult to climb but with the sun rise the journey get complicated. Less experienced climbers have lower chance to reach the summit.
Machame route also same as Marangu route, it takes 7-8 days. But it has higher chance to reach the summit. Rongai route is good but it is in remote area.

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Have fun by hiking Kilimanjaro

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