True Story Behind the World End in 2012

First Of All I have to tell that 2012 December 21 the world will never be End. In 2012 December it will be a cool winter. So in 2012 there is no any threat for Earth as most of the Scientists said that Earth will be fine more than 4 billion years with out any harm.

This “End of the world” prediction story started from “Niburu”, “Niburu” is a planet and some are said that it headed to earth and it will contact with Earth then worlds End in 2003 May. But in 2003 there was no any harm for world then it moved to 2012. Then another fact came to front that the ancient Mayans calendar will end in 2012 December 21. So this “Niburu” case and Mayans calendar case connected and this Prediction of worlds end came to the stage.
Mayans calendar will not end in 2012, But 2012 December 21 Mayans Long count period will end then another Long count period will start. And there’s no any planet alignment in next decades, which is guaranteed by the Scientists. Also the “Niburu” planet story is a gossip in the internet. It is not exist. Also if there’s something like that it would catch by the astronomers.
There is a theory called polar shift theory, but the rotation of the Earth 180 degrees is impossible. There is a small rotation, but it is not this. A Magnetic reversal is not happening in next million years, and there is no harm to people in the Earth. Also there is no any harm to Earth by asteroids in 2012, After “Dinosaur Destroyed” asteroid before 65 million ago, there is no any big asteroid headed to earth.
We should not afraid of 2012 it is just another innovation year for all human beans.

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