An Amazing Place in China

This is a village in China look like a drawing. 


Crazy Innovation

Actually we can't say this innovation as crazy because these are very unusual innovation but very helpful. To create this type of stuff is crazy. Some of this innovations are very useless. 

Two handed bottle

Belt measure: Measure your hip

 Breast Coffin: For bid Breast

 Double Umbrella: Avoid the rain and love safe from rain

 Finger Fan: Easy to hold

 Arm Camera: Take picture from yourself

Couple Bed: Measure your place

Bath Mic: Enjoy the bath with a song

Modern Computer: Don't want to pause the game

Hand-Shape Glass : Hold the glass safely

Shoe Stair : Keep your shoes

Spring Bed: Bump bump


Diamond Mine,the World's Largest Hole

This diamond mine,the world's largest hole, located near the town Mirna in Eastern Siberia, has a diameter of 1.25 km and it's almost 525 meters deep.


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