Amazing Body Tattoos Designs

Body tattoos is most famous thing among the new generation. So these are some amazing tattoos that people apply to their bodies.
In early years peoples decorated there body with some symbols that symbols is for bravery and social standing in early years.


World Smallest Horse & Tallest Horse

World Tallest horse name is “Radar”. “Radar “ is a Belgian drought horse. The Smallest horse name is “Thumbelina”. The different between height of them are 157 cm.

Radar, height is 6ft 7.5in from hoof to shoulder, he is from Mount pleasant, Texas. He weighted 2400lb, and need 18lb of grains to eat and 20 gallons of water to drink.

Thumbelina, who weight 4st 9lb and born in a farm of St Louis, Missouri. She eats two cup of grain and handful of hay per day.


Try These Microsoft Secrets

Things that Microsoft couldn’t explain
Just try these things

Magic 1
Try to create a Folder named as “CON”. This is an amazing stuff because any location in the computer we can’t create a Folder “CON”. All the Microsoft team also couldn’t answer this question why this happen. An Indian person found this. Try…

Magic 2
For the windows users just do this and see the amaze, first open the Note pad text file. Then Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes). Save it any place you want. Close that file and re-open it. Can you notice that all the letters get corrupted? No one can explain this...

Magic 3
This is also a funny stuff even Bill gates also couldn’t explain, open the Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99) then press Enter. Can you see the magic? This was found by the Brazilian.

Magic 4
Did you know that the flight numbers of the planes that hit one of the World trade center towers on September was Q33N.
Just open Notepad, Word-pad or MS word and type the flight number Q33N. Then increase the font size to 72, and select the font to Wingdings. What do you say? Is it amaze?

What do you thing about this stuff just comment...


Kingdom of Polonnaruwa location SriLanka


The second capital (846 AD-1302 AD) of Sri Lanka, which in its prime was protected by 6 km of strong encircling walls. Strategically it commanded all the crossings over the longest & largest river of the island, River Mahaweli. Polonnaruwa's extensive & well-preserved ruins offer a fascinating snapshot of ancient Sri Lanka, including some of the finest monuments.

Ruins of the Buddhist places

Gal viharaya (Temple)
The “gal vihare” is a rock temple of the Buddha situated in north central Sri Lanka. It was contracted in Polonnaruwa in the 12th century by “parakkramabahu” the great. His architects excavated the shrine & the left an inscription describing their work. The central attraction of the shrine are four large Statue of the Buddha, which were carved in to the tace of a granite boulder by “parakkramabahu`s” architects.

The Vatadage at Polonnaruwa is the most famous. As with many other vatadage, it had a “stupa” (Kind of steps) in the centre with four Buddha images facing the cardinal directions. The Vatadage, one of the oldest & most beautiful monuments in Polonnaruwa, is to our left as we enter the “Dalada Maluwa”. It was certainly intended to house the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha, which is now deposited at The Sacred Temple of Tooth in Kandy. Built by King “Parakrambahu” the great (1164-1196AD), it was later embellished by King “Nissankamalla” (1198-1206).

Guard stone in Vatadage
Most of the dagoba (stupa) and one of its guard stones at the base of the steps among many other features & surrounding buildings to the marauding Dravidian invaders from South India.

Moonstone in Vatadage
The moonstones- elaborate semi-circular welcome step stones carved in polished granite- represent the spiritual journey from “samsara”, the endless cycle of death & rebirth, to Nirvana(End of the birth), the ultimate escape from suffering. These were unique decorative features of Sinhalese architecture. The moonstone at the northern entrance is the finest in Polonnaruwa.

Hatadage (Kind of a Temple)

Immediately north of the Vatadage is the Hatadage. Another tooth reliquary building, this was constructed in the reign of King Nissankamalla.

This is the Atadage, the ruin of a tooth relic shrine. Built during the reign of 1st Vijayabahu.

Kiri Vehera (Kind of a temple)
Next to the Lankatilaka is the Kiri Vihara (Milk white temple).The best preserved of Polonnaruwa's stupas. Aptly named, this large dagoba’s whitewashed plaster has survived seven centuries of abandonment to the jungle between the collapse of the Polonnaruwa kingdom and its rediscovery in the 19th century by the British colonialists.
The construction of this dagoba is credited to “Subhadra”, Parakrambahu's queen.

Rankoth Vehara (Kind of a Temple)
The largest “dagoba (Religious Statue)” in Polonnaruwa. This building is the hub of the group of buildings known as the “Alahana Pirivena” ('Crematory College') group which formed part of a monastic college during the reign of king Parakramabahu the great.

Thuparama (Kind of a Temple)
From the southwest corner of the Quadrangle, is the Thuparama. A fine example of the “gedige” style of temple architecture which flourished at Polonnaruwa. The only one to survive with its roof still in place.

Built by King “Parakramabahu” the great in 12th century. In the past there were five buildings. But now we can see only two buildings.

Ruins of Royal castles & Monuments

The Royal Palace
In the center of the complex are the ruins of the Royal Palace. It Built by King Parakramabahu the great (1164-1196 AD). It was a massive wood and stone structure seven storey in height, with a floor plan of 31m by13m (100ft by 43ft).The upper floors were of wood, and only the massive, 3m (10ft) thick lower walls survive.

Royal Bathing Pool
Next to the Audience Hall is the Kumara “Pokuna” (Royal Bathing Pool). This was fed with water from the stream which runs through the palace grounds

Latha Mandapaya
West of the Vatadage is the Latha Mandapaya, miniature dagoba encircled by stone columns topped with carved lotus buds. It is surrounded by a carved stone trellis. It was built by king Nissankamalla.

Audience Hall
Immediately to the east of the Palace stands the Audience Hall used by the kings of Polonnaruwa to summon the nobles of the kingdom and to meet the emissaries from foreign rulers. Finely sculpted stone lions seated at the top of the steps leading into the hall were symbols of royal power.

The Medicine Boat
The medicine boat: The stone medicinal bath which looks unnervingly like a sarcophagus is a common feature as seen in all the ancient hospitals of Lanka.
Stone inscriptions: The stone medicinal oil bath is a common feature as seen in all the ancient hospitals of Lanka.

Siva Devale (Kind of Hindu Religious thing)
Immediately north of the Royal Palace complex is the Siva Devale. In 13th-century this was built as a Hindu temple. The technical skills of its builders are evident from the fine, precisely cut stonework of its walls.
Sathmahal Prasada
In the northeast corner of the Quadrangle are the ruins of “Satmahal Prasada”. A six-storey, pagoda-like building which is unlike anything else in Sri Lanka. It has left archaeologists bowled out as to its origin.


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PC Migration Utility: "PCmover" Transfer PC Programs and File within 10 minutes

By using this PCmover can transfer all the Soft wares and data (Music files, Word file etc) of the computer to another computer as it is. After transfer data and Soft wares from Commuter 1 to Computer 2. The two computers look like same. This Software made by “laplink” Software Company.

When you buy a new computer or when you change your computer, you want to transfer all the folders, files, soft wares to new computer. There are some ways to do this but they are lot of time consuming, but with PCmover it can be done within few minutes. So PCmover is a bridge between computers to data transferring.

This PCmover can be use in any windows Operating systems to data transferring. To transfer data, first there should be a connection between two computers, for this the two computers should in the same NETWORK or the two computers should connect with a special cable.

When the computers are not the same network, we can use a cable to connect each computer USB ports. When you buy the software you can also buy a cable with it.

First we should install the PCmover software in both computers, and then should have to build a connection between two computers (By USB port or LAN). Then run the PCmover program in the old computer, and then we have to select, what are the data should be transfer to new computer. Then transfer the data.

With this software can transfer Microsoft Office, Graphic soft wares, PC games, Image, Audio, Video files, Internet favorite links, Desktop image, and the shortcut items of the desktop can transfer as it be in the old computer to new computer. Any amount of data PCmover takes less than 10 minutes.


Free Software From Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft decided to give free Software packages for Students. “DreamSpark” is the one of program to give free packages. These days Microsoft offering newest their technology free in Dreamspark. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said that this we done for the future of the world. Currently there are so many countries in the world involving this DreamSpark.

The High school students and University students can apply Microsoft for free soft wares, Then Microsoft providing new Software development tools like “Visual studio” for them.

In DreamSpark the registered student can free download Microsoft Expression Studio, Games Studio, Robotics Studio and additionally Visual Studio, SQL Server, Virtual PC. Etc.

So many developing countries Student cannot afford a lot of money for buying Software, so the skillful students couldn’t use their skill because they haven’t enough resources, to overcome this problem mainly Microsoft decide to provide free sort wares. Also by proving new technologies the developing country students, they can build their skills for modern IT world. Presently Dreamspark famous among the students around the world.

But some people said that Microsoft not just only expecting the development of the students but they try to fight with the open source soft wares like Linux soft wares.


Ireland Best Tourist Attractions Cliffs Of Moher, Awesome place to travel

This Cliffs of Moher is in Ireland, South from the Doolin village. This Cliffs are the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland. This cliffs rising slowly from Doolin village and cliffs rise 120 meters above from the Atlantic Ocean at the Hag’s Head, and reach to maximum of 214 meters just North of O’Brien’s Tower, 8 km away. O’Brien Tower is the mid point of these cliffs.

The Ireland Cliffs mainly consist of Namurian Shale and sandstone. Also there are so many Sea birds place their nest on the Cliffs. Some of them are Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Chough, Common gull.

This place is very famous all around the world, so the government of Ireland builds this site for visitors. Also in there some Ferry boat trips allow visitors to watch the Cliffs from sea level. Also this place taken for so many films and other entertainment stuff, in 2009 “Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince” also featured in this Cliffs. In this place there is a surfing route also Suffers travel by “Jetski” to “Doolin” the wave of the bottom of cliffs can be 35 ft high.

There are so many routes to Cliffs of Moher,

There are so many Accommodation facilities are arranging near the Cliffs some Hotel details.

Sea View House: +353 657074826

Doonmacfelim House: +353 657074503


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