Amazing Famous Mathematician Arthur Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin is a amazing Mathematician, He has a high speed and powerful processor inside his brain and he is faster than calculator.

In below Video you can see some amazing maths solutions gain by Arthur Benjamin in an amazing speed; he called this as “Mathemagic” (Maths+Magic) and also he called himself as “Mathemagician”. His skill is unbelievable, He solves maths question in a second. Also he has an ability to tell the date. (Which it is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday......?). He is speed than calculator watch you will amaze.


Shortest man in the world Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal

The world shortest man is “Khagendra Thapa Magar” of Nepal; he took the Guinness title after “Edward Nino Hernandez” of Colombia. Before Edward Nino Hernandez the shortest man title hold by popular “He Pingping” of China.

Khagendra Thapa Magar born in remote Banglung district (125 mile away from Capital Kathmandu). Currently his height is 51cm and weight 4.5kgs. He was born weighted only 600g.Khagendra is very good dancer and very good for karate.

Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal Height is 51cm.

Edward Nino Hernandez of Colombia height 70cm.

He Pingping, he is very famous smallest man and height is 74cm. He died on March 13 2010.  


Worst Manmade Disaster, Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

I think this is the worst and biggest manmade environment disaster in the world, this happened in 1986 April 26 in Chernobyl. This disaster is the result of flawed reactor design that was operates with inadequately trained personnel. Actually this explosion is a Nuclear reaction and the steam explosion and radiation released more than 400 times in Hiroshima bomb. In this accident 2 Chernobyl plant workers died on that night and further 28 people reported as died because of radiation poisoning. Currently a 30 kilometer zone remains unoccupied around the nuclear plant, Resettlement is ongoing. Still people are suffering these disaster side effects.

These are the worst effects of it.

Effects for Animals

Effects for Trees


Largest Watermelon Ever from Lloyd Bright Family

When we talk about largest watermelons the name “Lloyd Bright” always comes to the front, because he is the current world record holder of “biggest watermelon grower”. The biggest watermelon weight is 268.8 pounds (122 kg). He lives in Arkansas USA.

He and his family (Ivan) have 3 giant watermelon records in 2005, 1985, 1979. In 2005 watermelon is the biggest water melon ever with 268.8 pounds. In 1985 he cultivated 260 pounds watermelon. There are so many histories of water melons but Lloyd Bright and his family is the world best giant watermelon growers ever.

In 1979 Record Watermelon

In 1985 Record Watermelon


Funny Cricket Spectators with England Cricket Team

This is very funny stuff happened for England Cricket team, when they are on the fielding one of player of them doing some stretching exercises at the boundary, all the spectators follow him and doing the same exercise with him at the pavilion. Very funny cricket moment.

Watch the Video


Drunken Referee and Worst Referee in Foot Ball

Drunk Referee out of the park, this is a crazy video the referee of the match came with dope, then the organizers came and take him out of the ground.

This is the worst umpiring I ever saw in the foot ball match; the referee gives the worst decision ever.

Amazing Cricket Hat Trick, Lasith Malinga 4 in 4

If you’re a Cricket Fan this is like a Cricket Miracle, in this match South Africa have 5 runs to win with 5 over with 5 wickets in hand. It looks like very comfort win for South Africa, now the over is for Srilanka fast bowler Lasith Malinga. In this over he took 4 wickets in 4 balls and the last ball go just outside the off stump wicket. Finally Somehow South Africa manages to win the match but crowd gave a big clap for Malinga’s performance.

Watch the Video


Japanese Group Professional pranksters

This is very funny video, The Japanese huge group of people prank to others. In this video there are nearly 4 ways of pranks others. Amazing crazy video you can laugh a lot.


Unbelievable Basket Ball Shot in the Right Time

I think this is the Most Amazing Basket ball shot ever, and it happened in very crucial time. The shooter and his team and opponent team can’t believe what happened even me can’t believe. Watch this I highly recommend this to watch.

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