Most Beautiful Crazy Decorated Dogs

Dog is one of the best friends in human being. People are really love dogs because they are cute and obey to its owners. There is an good and famous quote says, "dogs always think that their owners are gods because they giving foods etc.. But cats always thinks that they are the gods human should have to provide every comfort to them. I think by seen these pictures dog lovers will decorate and convert their dog to bear, horse. tiger lion etc. The below decoration shows how dog converted to another animal.

1. Bear Dog

2. Tiger Dog

3. Horse Dog

4. Camel Dog

5. Peacock Dog

6. Butterfly Dog

7. Weird style

Add some style to your pet also. 


Christian Bale Workout for Each Film Amazing

Christian Bale, one of the best actors in Hollywood. The Machinist (2004), The Dark Knight (2006), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Fighter (2010) are the turning points his career. “Batman” is the most famous character among them. One of secrets of his career is the commitment for the role. If you see the weight changes for each role, it’ll show his amazing commitment.

Above images shows the how he becomes a best actor in Hollywood. Some of secrets for his weight loss are consuming water, an apple, and one cup of coffee every day. Best things for amazing weight losses is, no more social life: No more friends, any more dinners, no more drinks from his words. 

This video shows the TOP 10 Weigh gain or losses in Hollywood...


Amazing Face Optical Illusions Ever

First we have to identify what is optical illusion is? How it works? Simply we can describe optical illusion as “seeing something that does not exist or seeing something else other than the original one”. “Visual Illusion” is another name for optical Illusions. This illusion happens because; first the data collected by the eye and send it to brain to process. Then the brain gives the result but the results not tally with the original one, that’s how simply this happens. You can search wiki for more scientific data of the optical illusion but my target is to gives the best optical illusions ever.

  • First one, just look the center of the picture for 30 seconds, then takes your eyes out and look somewhere else (if it is a white background it is very good). In 5-20 seconds you will see a famous face. Whom did you see? 

  • Second one, Obama’s illusion, just do the same thing as above. 

  • Try to find the elephant’s leg count?

  • Old women or young women?

  • Bunny or Duck?

  • Count the white dot here? 

  • Do you think it is possible to create this structure? 

This is some of the best optical illusions found and watch the video it also shows the amazing optical illusion. 


World Record for Rubik’s Cube and its History

Erno Rubik is the inventor of this amazing Rubik’s Cube. He was a Hungarian and worked as architecture also professor. In 1974, he came up with an amazing idea to do something with cubes. His idea was “Can collection of cubes moves freely one above one without breaking the structure?”

With the idea the professor created a big cube structure with 26 cubes. That’s the first invention of this Rubik’s Cube. These pictures are shown the types of Rubik’s Cubes,
  • This is the most famous and standard one.

  • This is 12X12X12 Rubik’s Cubes, you can imagine how complicated is that,

  • This is the most simple one 2X2X2

After creation of the Rubik’s Cubes, the professor tried to move the cubes and take is back to original positions. But the professor was understood that, this is not simple as he thinks. Professor took a month to set all the cubes in original positions.  In 1975, Erno Rubik took the patent for the Rubik’s Cube and he became a millionaire with this amazing toy.

The bottom video shows the king of Rubik’s Cube. He is Feliks Zemdegs from Australia. He has born 1995, starting to solve cubes since 2008. He is the current world champion of most of categories in Rubik’s Cube. This is his best time for standard Rubik’s Cube 5.66 seconds AMAZING.


How to Make Famous Hotdogs and Sausage AMAZING

Hotdogs one of the most popular food item in the world. The main part of the hotdog is the bun, sausage.  Less preparation time is the main reason of the popularity of hotdog. Sausage is the main part of this hotdog and this video shows the creation of sausage from the piece of meat. Hotdog history was starting from 860’s and today it is the famous fast food around the world. Traditional sausages are starting with collection of chicken, pork, and beef.  Did you ever try to make hotdogs from the home? This video shows how to make 300,000 sausages per hour. 


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