Best Rollercoaster in the World

Bizarro Roller coaster is named as the best roller coaster in the world situated in Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts. Previously Bizarro named as “Medusa”. Bizarro continuously placed rank 1 or 2 in the Golden Ticket Awards for Top Steel Roller Coasters. This starts its operations in May 5th, 2000 as the world first floor-less roller coaster and again it re-theme by May 22nd 2009. Some main features of this Roller coaster are,

  • Height: 63m
  • Length: 1600m
  • Drop: 67m
  • Speed: 124km/h
  • Total ride duration: 2.35min

This roller coaster is very famous for its smoothness and the airtime, also featured with Magnetic Braking, Two Tunnels, Fire and Fog Effects. Riders should be in between 72inch – 54inch as the height requirement. I think this is an amazing life time experience.

There are few accidents also take place in Bizarro. In August 6th 2001, one train fails to stop and hit in the other train at the loading station. Other one is in May 1st 2004, 53 year old 230lb man fell out from the roller coaster. 

Live ride in the Front seat…


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