Living Fattest Man in the World, Manuel Uribe

The Living fattest man in the world is Manuel Uribe. He is a Mexican and weighted 1200lbs (Nearly weight of five babies of elephants. He is bedridden nearly 7-8 years. 


When Electricity Was Invented?

Electricity is like food for us in the modern world. Because now you are reading this article though internet and you using a computer device, device need power to work and power generated by the electricity. .  Electricity is a natural thing, can observed in lighting and static electricity.  But now there is a question that who invented this electricity?

The electric is not invented. The innovation of electricity was rather a chain of innovations that paved a path for use of electricity. But “Benjamin Franklin” is the person who credited to discover the electricity. He discovered electricity by his experiment of flying a kite a thunderstorm. Benjamin Franklin popular because of his theories on the relationship between lightning and static electricity sparked within the later scientists who provided the basis for modern electrical technology. Some of these famous scientists are Luigi Galvani, Alessandro Volta, Michel Faraday, Andre-Marie Ampere and Simon Ohm.

Thales of Miletus in Greece is the known first person who works on experimentation with electric properties. He wrote an article about static electricity that attracted pieces of straw and hair to rubber rods in 600 AD.      

In Benjamin Franklin Kite experiment, in 1752 in an electrical storm, he flew a kite that had metal key at the bottom of the string. When bolt of lightning hit the kite and a spark of electricity flew from the key. In this experiment he discovered that lightning is a natural process of electricity and lightning rod a attract lightning and draw it into ground.  

So Benjamin Franklin not invented electricity, electricity has always been around because it naturally exists in the world.


World First Laptop Computer,GridCompass1100

Laptops are very popular these days among people because the portability. So when we look around the history of the laptops. The first laptop (Note book) was GridCompass1100 also called Gris was designed by 1979 by a Briton, William Moggride.

This laptop is designed to Grid System Corporation. Features of this laptop are 320x200 screen (electroluminescent graphics display), an intel8086 processor, 340 KB of magnetic bubble memory and a 1200 bps modem. This was used NASA on the space shuttle programs and the US military in 1980s. This weighted 5 Kg and cost $ 8000-10000.  

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Ancient Temple of Abu Simbel Egypt Built by Ramesses II

Abu Simbel is a set of two temples built by Pharaoh Ramesses II who reigned 67 years during the 13thcentury BC. This set of temples is located in near to the border of Egypt and Sudan 270km away from the Aswan city. 

From one of the temples called great Abu Simbel temple also called Sun temple of Ramesses II. This temple was dedicated to the four universal gods “Ptah”, “Re-Her-Akhtey”, “Amun-Re”, ant to himself “Ramesses II”. This statues located in innermost part of the rock-cut temple. Each of this statues height over 20m and one has been damaged since ancient time.

The small temple called temple of Queen Nefertari also called temple of Hathor. This temple is completely   ahead of the Great temple and dedicated to Ramesses queen Nefertari. At the entrance of the temple 10m height rock-cut 3 statues placed either side of the doorway. Two of them are Ramesses and one of Nefertari. These Abu Simbel temples are considered to be the most impressive temples from seven temples Ramesses built. The great temple height is 108 feet and 125 feet wide.

There are 3 ways to reach to Abu Simbel temples by road, air or boat. The boat is achieved by cruising from the High Dam on a 3-day journey. Also there are buses from Aswan city.

World First Plant Converts Plastics & Polythene to Petrol, Invented by Srilanka

 The Minister Pumping the first Petrol to Motor bike

World first plant which converts plastic and polythene in to petrol was launched last week Yatiyanthota –Srilanka. “Ananda Withanage” is the person who invented this amazing innovation. The Central Environment Authority and Department of chemical engineering process University of Moratuwa also gave a great support for Ananda to develop this amazing plant.

This new petrol was pumped to new vehicles and they worked like real petrol.  From this innovation whole the world can stop the pollution of polythene and plastic.  By using this plant can convert 500 kg-1000kg per day and around 0.75-1 liters can produce by using 1 kilo of waste plastics.

By using this method can provide a stable solution for waste plastics and can sell 1 liter of petro around Rs75 ($0.65) now it’s around $1.2. So “Ananda Withanage” is a great man finally the Minister “Patali Ranawaka” Said.  

The Process of converting Petrol


World’s First Mouse Invented by Douglas Engelbart

Computer mouse is very essential thing when you using computers, now days in laptops, there are touch pads but when using mouse it is very easy.
In 1963, the first mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart at the Stanford Research institute. This inventor Douglas Engelbart also invented the hypertext.  In this first mouse used two wheels positioned at a 90 degree to each other to keep track of the movement. That’s how it works.

Another some popular mouse is ball mouse it invented in 1972. An optical mouse invented in 1980 but it didn’t popular at that time, but presently it is very popular among home PCs. 

This picture shows the wheels that make contact with working surface.

Very Rare Parrot Flower, Impatiens Psittacina

Nature is design so many things amazingly. This is an amazing flower which nature designed. This flower looks like a parrot and very rare flower, and as its shape this flower called parrot flower. We can find this plant in wild small region of north Thailand, Burma, North east India.

Scientific name of this parrot plant is “Impatiens Psittacina Hook.f”. This flower discovered by Shan state of Upper Burma by A.H.Hildebrand and seeds of it presented to Royal Gardens (Kew) in 1899 and it flowered in 1900. And the botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker was described this plant in 1901.
This parrot flower plant grows nearly 1.8 m (6 feet) and leafs of this plant has sharply pointed with 6cm length. The parrot flower size is nearly 5cm. The blooming season of parrot plant is October-November and tropical, humid, moist growing condition needs to this plant. This flower colored light purple and carmine red.  
Don’t you think this is amazing?

Top 15 Weird Clouds, Amazing Designs by Nature

Nature is amazing. Always nature is design various amazing trees, flowers etc. likewise this is some awesome photographs of weird clouds that creates by the nature.



Living World Biggest Dog, Hercules

World largest or biggest dog is Hercules. Currently Hercules holds the Guinness record of world biggest living dog. Hercules is an English Mastiff dog and has 38 inch neck and weight 282 pounds.  Hercules owner is Mr. Flynn and he said that the Hercules weight is natural. From his words “” I fed him normal food and he just grew”.

If you have a dog with 283 pound just call up to break the Guinness world record.  English Mastiff is a large dog and it gives very excellent reputation from who know them.

However the world biggest dog is Zobra. Still Zobra hold the record that world biggest and largest dog Guinness record. Zobra weight 343 pounds and measured 8 feet and 3 inches long to his nose to tail. 


World largest recorded Bull Chilli

Chilli is the world largest bull in the world; He is a white Frisian bull. He is weighted as 1.25 tons and height is 6 feet and 6 inches. Chilli is very friendly and gentle bovine. His owner is very lucky to have the world largest Bovine in her farm.


First Male Twin Elephants Born in Thailand

These rare twin elephants born in a rural area Surin Thailand. Thinf-Kum & Thong-Tang are the names of this elephants. The happy news is these two elephants in very good healthy condition.  
Elephant twins occur very rarely. In 1993 there was another elephant female twin born in Thailand, named Jim and Joom. But one of the twins died nine years ago. This twin elephant born is very rare because inside the Mother elephant nutritional needs of the babies are not enough, so the survival rate of babies are very rare.
In January 2005 and in 2009 there were twin elephants born in Addo elephant Park South Africa and Chitwan Nepal.

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