Ghost Boat Flies in the Sea Real Optical Illusion Amazing

Did you ever see that a boat flies? You can watch it right now. This video shows the ghost boat flies in the air. Actually this is a Natural phenomenon; it is an optical illusion (visual illusion). In an optical illusion, the visually perceived images are differing from objective reality. Watch this is really amazing.


Tiger Woods Amazing Shots Ever

Tiger Woods is god of golf. His full name is Eldrick Tont Woods but world knows him as Tiger Woods. He was born in 1975 and named as the most successful golf player all time. He holds the world rank 1 in golf and also world rank one for highest earning athlete. This video contains a bit of amazing shots in his career of golf.


Super Strong Guy with Super Arms Amazing

This video shows super strong guys with super strong arms. You can check their strength by trying to do a one drill they are doing. Their body shape is really matching with their strength. Their dedication and huge training leads this kind of skills to them. Start today you can impress your girl friend soon.


Amazing Strengthen Shaolin Monk Balances on Two Fingers

Shaolin monk’s strength is very amazing and unbelievable. Their training schedules and secret fighting skills are still secret to the world. They can do so many amazing things and this is a bit of it. Normally they wouldn’t show off their skills to public. Try to balance from two fingers (Do not try) definitely you can’t and inside of your finger will breaks.
This is a nice comment I got for this video and I will publish on this

wake up at 4 a.m - six hours of practicing kung fu, small break, 6 hours of studying Zen, break, some cleaning maybe, some eating, drinking, meditation, sleep.
Our day: wake up at 4 a.m. to be at work at 6. Work until 5-6 p.m., come home, do some cleaning and throw some meal in your face, turn on the TV until fall asleep.
They: powerful, studied, trained, amazing,legendary
We: old, tired, damaged, weak, boring ... and all that for a shit of money which isn't enough at all


Spider Cat Follow the Laser Light Amazing

This is really an amazing cat that climbs the wall really like a spider man. Actually cats can’t climb a 90 degree wall like this. But this cat is different and it can climb nearly 2m of the wall and stable at some position in the wall. I think this cat got amazing legs like gecko. This is short video but amazing one shows the unbelievable skills from a cat.


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