Worst Attempt to Score a Goal

This is kind of a crazy video, that a football team attacking their opponents goal. They got nearly 5 easy chances to score a goal, but amazingly they missed each and every chance.

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Strange Drive a Vehicle without Tires

This is a crazy video, in this video there’s vehicle drives without tires. Actually the owner of the vehicle uses some Pole (Rod) instead of a tire. Nice strange video. The driver has very good creative mind to fix this problem in a strange way.


The World Best Crazy Stunt Man, Damien Walters

He is a real crazy stunt man and he got amazing speed with his stunts. The place is not important to him he doing stunts in any place. Also he got awesome jump nearly 4m. He climbs the poles like real spider man. Watch this to feel real stunts.

Best Chef Cooks Live Snake and Fish

In this video there is a contest between chefs that “who is cooking best live snake and fish”. In snake cooking first they took the snake and cut off its head then burst the snake and spilt the snake in to pieces. And then put some decorations and serves (Still the snake’s pieces are moving in the dish amazing).

Then fish cooking, fish took the fish and put to the oil then serves the fish with some decorations. The requirement for winning is in snake cooking “snake pieces should have to move” and fish cooking “fish should open its mouth and close its mouth”. Watch awesome video.


Rare Live Battle between Lions, Crocodiles and Buffalos in South Africa

This is an amazing video contains the jungle rule. This is very rare opportunity to capture this kind of real battle between lions, buffalo and crocodile. This happened in 2004 Sept in Kruger national park south Africa.

Start the battle, 3 of buffalos walking parallel to the river, and then group of lions attack them and tackle the small buffalo in to the river. Then lions try to take their food out of the river, but group of crocodiles came out and fight for the small buffalo, finally lions won with crocodile and takes the small buffalo out of the river.

Then the best part of the video, hundreds of buffalo come out and tries to protect their baby buffalo and they successfully attack the lions and protect their baby. Really amazing video highly recommends watching.


Lovely relationship between Man and Lion family

This is very amazing and rare video and i highly recommend you to watch this video. In this video there is a man (Kevin Richardson) with amazing relationship with lion family. Still my eyes can’t believe this but it is true. 

You don’t try this; it takes long time to build relationship like this with lion. This bond full filled with trust and affection. This man lives in Johannesburg and his behaviors are similar to animal he won’t care about safety. Also Kevin plays with lions in the river. Actually Kevin is really a member of this Lion family; we can call him as LIONMAN.

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Born of Legendary Basketball Players with Trick Shots

This video contains the birth of future Michel Jordans. This kids try to shoot some awesome basketball shots, Some kids throws the ball very long distance, Some players kicks the ball, Some are hit with base ball bat. So they try innovating new Basketball shots. Watch this really awesome.


Cool Synchronized Car Drifting Ever

Car drifting is not an easy task for any driver. For F1 drivers also it is really hard thing to do. But there are some amazing drivers who can drift the car very comfortably. This video contains amazing synchronized car drifting, Watch this really awesome.


Amazing Girl with Two Tongues

Wow this video is very amazing, in this video there’s a sweet girl with two tongues. Did you ever see a human with two Tongues? Actually this is very rare complexion. She can separately use this each tongue. Did you ever experience this kind of thing?


Matt Bowen Beer Bottle Music Orchestra

Guys did you ever heard about getting music with beer bottle? Matt Bowen formed a band (Orchestra) to play music, but they only use beer bottles as the instruments. Actually the sound is really nice as flute. They are playing with this beer bottle really amazing. 

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Crazy Fearless Guy Playing with High Voltage Extension Post

In this video there is a crazy man climb up to high voltage extension post and playing up there and also He is enjoying up there. Task is look like very easy to him and he climbs the pole also very easily. He is amazing fearless guy.

Watch his climbing


How Nature gives Happiness to Life with Amazing Sceneries

Did you imagine how our living nature is beautiful? These are some example in summer, how nature creates amazing things. This is a great definition for nature

“Nature is beauty. Lands, plants, animals, skies, and oceans are all a part of nature that is shared with us. Nature is so amazing because it doesn't need the assistance of man to continue surviving as it has done for so long. Nature's goodness can also make up for all that is bad or wrong with man. Man destroys but nature creates and gives birth to. Nature is peaceful and content. It seems as if nature is the backbone to happiness. If there was no nature there would be nothing left in this world to admire and cherish.”

As above definition natures gives us the live happiness and all so protect it then next 1000 to billion year people can take this kind of pictures and be happy every day.


Tallest Youth in the World, Elisany Silva of Brazil

Elisany Silva of Brazil considered as the tallest teen of the world. She was born on September 27, 1995, now her height is 206cm (6 feet 9 inch). Her ambition is to become a good model. Actually that much height is a golden key for her because she is unique. 


Most intelligent Parrot in the world

Do you want to know most intelligent bird in the world? It is this parrot, in this video show the parrot speaks like a real human; also this parrot can talk most of the other animal sounds and other sounds, It answer the question that his owner ask, and also this parrot is an amazing actor.

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Traditional Cormorant Fishing in China

This amazing traditional fishing method uses in China. In this method they used docile (Trained) cormorant. First take a docile cormorant and tie a rope in its leg and the other side of the rope tie in a pole and also put a bulrush ring to cormorant’s neck.

Then the fisherman takes some of these cormorants and drives his small boat to the middle of lake or river. Then fisherman keeps the pole with his hand and throws the cormorant to the river. Though cormorant catches a big fish, cormorant cannot eat the fish because the bulrush ring stuck its neck. Then the fisherman takes out the cormorant and gets the big fish to his custody and gives a small fish to cormorant as a gratification. 

Watch This Video How they doing this???


Trained Smart Squirrel Finds its Food

This is an amazing video of Squirrel, This squirrel trained well to go along the path and finds the food, and actually it is very hard to believe that Squirrel has a good brain to train like this, but this video shows some amazing skill of a Squirrel.


Sulfur Mining Pictures in Kawah Ljen Volcano Indonesia

In Ljen Caldera at E Java Indonesia there are several volcanoes are located in a 15km diameter, Kawah Lien is one of the volcano of the volcano series and use to mining Sulfur. Most of volcanoes in E java, it is difficult to accessible. But Kawah volcano has easy accessible it helps to mining operations of sulfur. The last magmatic eruption is happened in Kawah Ljen was 1817 so this volcano series is very tourist attracted place in Indonesia.

In below those amazing picture shows how the operation of sulfur mining happening in there, this luminous blue color coming when sulfur burned it melts to red liquid and emits a blue flame. Inside the volcano we can observe it well because of the dark environment. 


One Handed Pool Player with Trick Shots

Pool is very popular leisure game in the world; As usual I hope that you have seen amazing pool shots with two handed players, but this video shows a player who playing pool with one hand and he plays some awesome shots even a double handed player couldn’t play.

Watch The Video Amazing Trick Shots


Top 10 Amazing Movies MakeUps Ever

In the Film industry, all the producers need to create a good film that other. So they use various techniques to be the first place. MakeUps of the actors and actresses are main part of the film also costumes, this post show some amazing MakeUps ever used in the movies.

01.Jim Carrey – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

02.Johnny Depp – Alice in Wonderland

03.Rebecca Romijn – X-Men and X-2

04.Ron Perlman – Hellboy

05.Brad Pitt – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

06.Marlon and Shawn Wayans – White Chicks

07.Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire

08.Mike Myers – Austin Powers

09.Ralph Fiennes – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

10.Benicio Del Toro – The Wolfman


This Week Top 5