Gustave Eiffel Designed the Amazing Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in French it called La Tour Eiffel and nick name for this amazing tower is “iron lady”. This iron lattice tower located at the Champ de Mars in Paris near the Seine River. This Eiffel tower is considering as the most recognizable structures in the world. The main Engineer’s name of this tower is “Gustave Eiffel” so this tower named as Eiffel tower.

The construction period of this giant tower is nearly 2 years (Between 1887 to 1889). Height of this tower is 324m and weight is 7,300 tons. Because of this heavy weight and height, in the hot days this will expand nearly 7inchs. And Because of the wind this tower has 2-3 inch Swing.

The tower construction finished on In 1989 March 31 and it opens to public in May 6 1889. Nearly 300 labours give their effort to success this and around 2.5 million rivets used for the construction. The main problem in constructing period is the safety of the labours, because labours should have to walk along the Iron bar and the bars open in every direction. But luckily only one labour died in construction period.

Construction Stages

At that time so many people against this construction of giant tower, they afraid the shape of this tower and they might think if this falls what will happen. But with the all challenges and the creativeness of “Gustave Eiffel” finally Eiffel tower opens to the world.

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