Strange Football Goals Ever History

This video contains most weird football goals ever history. The weirdest goal is, it hits 3 times in the goal post and the 4th one successfully went through the goal. If the goal is weird or not it is a goal finally. This video contains 5 weird and also we can call lucky goals.


Sean Kinkade Ornithopter an Amazing Toy

This is one of the most interesting toys that you should have. This toy is really like a bird and no one can identify when this flies. They call this as ornithopter. This is an amazing machine and this is the original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk. This ornithopter is very innovative invention, by future development this can be very useful thing for the forces to spying etc.


One of Best Bow Shot after Robin Hood

This is one of the most accurate bow shot I’ve ever seen. The target is a tube, that the diameter of the tube hole and the diameter of the arrow are same. The archer should have to bow the arrow inside to the tube. He achieved it with his amazing aim. But i don’t how many times he tries to do this and i think he’s the best archer after Robin Hood.


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