The World Maps

This is “Vinland map” possibly the first map showing the new world, Currently it is in the Yale university’s Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript library. By using the carbon-dating technology it determine the age of this map as approximately 1434 A.D this is nearly 60 years before Columbus set foot in West Indies.

This map ; 1775 world map is created by Pourade, Richard F.

In 1942 Feb 25 create this map by Maurice Gomberg and this named as “Outline of post-war new world map” This map include a message from Franklin Roosevelt about Four Freedom of Moral Order.
This map created by Geographia Map Company and this is the “Standard map of the world”

CIA create this map in 2001.
2004 world map by U.S Army

World map 2009

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fastest super computer in 2009

It is Cray XT5-HE super computer also known as “Jaguar” which is in USA oak Ridge National Laboratory (managed for the U.S department of energy). This has Linux operation system with AMD x86_64 Opteron Six core 2.6 GHz (10.4 GFlops) processor. Jaguar can process 1.75 petaflop/s (or quadrillions of floting point operations per second), and the No 2 super computer IBM’s Roadrunner can process 1.04 petaflop/s.

Also Chain Tianhe – 1computer placed 5th place, Chain use this computer to petroleum exploration and engineering tasks such as simulating aircraft designs.

Top 5 Ranking

Jaguar,Cray ,USA,(1.75 pataflop/s)
Roadrunner,IBM,USA(1.04 petaflop/s)
Kraken XT5, Cray,USA(832 teraflop/s)
Jugene, IBM, Germany (825.5 teraflop/s)
Tianhe-1, NUDT, China (563.1 teraflop/s)

Road runner



water on the moon

In 1969 that the first man touched the moon and brought pieces of it back to earth, after the experiments scientists thought that lunar surface is dry.
After 40 years of first man touched lunar, A significant it mean 24 gallons of water mixed with rock and dust found in lunar said by US space agency,
“The discovery opens a new chapter in our understanding of the moon, Yes indeed we found water and we did not find only a little bit but a significant amount” said by the project scientist and principal investigator for the 79-million- dolor LCROSS mission “Anthony Colaprete”.
They slammed s rocket in to a Cabeus crater in the lunar southern pole 90000 Km/hour, this rocket followed by another aircraft with full equipped (cameras) to record the impact with 4 minute delay. The camera recorded the materials billowing up from bottom of the crater. Initial result found 2 gallons of water in the crater.
Moon holds key to solar system secrets.This is a major breakthrough of space exploration.

Now immediately buy a land in moon..
Do you know any secret behind solar share it..

Mike Tyson boxing

  • Name: Mike Tyson
  • Birth Date: 1966 June 30 in Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Full name: Michael Gerard Tyson
  • Nike Name: Iron Mike
  • Height: 1.82 m

He is an American, Bob Stewart; a boxing fan discovered Tyson’s boxing ability. Tyson’s goal was to become the heavyweight championship, in his first year he finished with 15-0, all by knockout. In 1986 he won the world heavyweight championship, he beat Trevor Berbick in 6 minutes in the ring, Tyson, age is 20 at that time so he became the youngest heavyweight champion.
In 1987 March he won the world boxing association belt beating James Smith, in August he won the International Boxing Federation belt by beating Tony Tucker. In 1990 Tyson entered 37-0 with 33 knock outs. In 1990 February he lost his first professional fight against James Douglas. Tyson’s long-awaited come back after more than 4 years absence. In 1996 Tyson received his first shot at a world title since losing his belt to Douglas in 1990. He regained WBC belt from Frank Bruno. In November 1996 Tyson lost to Evander Holyfield, he had suffered the second loss his career.

Famous stuff
Bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s Ear during the heavyweight title. And banned boxing for 1 year.
Arrested for 3 years for raping Desiree Washington in 1991
Monica Turner his wife divorce in 2002
In 2002 in won 49-4 matches by 43 knockouts
1998 served nine months in jail for assaulting two people after a car crash.

  • WBC-1987, 1996
  • WBA-1987, 1996
  • IBF-1987
  • UWHC-1996

So do you think he is a legend of boxing?

Folder Locking Software in VB 6

By using this software can protect data in file folder. We can secure files
file protection,file security done by this software.

This folder locking software is used to lock the folders that no one can enter to it .First Open the Microsoft visual basic 6.0 select file select “Standard exe”.

In the property window select name field give as “FrmMain”, and then select the “icon” property in property window give the path to icon(If you install graphics when you install vb then select this path C:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Graphics\Icon\Misc\SECUROIB.ICO). Else select the icon you want. When you create the .exe file this is the icon of that .exe file.

Double click on the form the code window will appear and delete all the things there.

After Type the code Save it. (Save the Form name As “FrmMain” and Project as “Folderlock”). Then to create .exe file select file select “make folderlock.exe” If there is no errors we can save it.

Now run the exe file if .exe file ok then it display “Drop a folder on my icon”

Now drag a folder to .exe file then it locked (Also the icon of the folder also changes). If we try to open it, we can’t open, and it opens some location. If we want to unlock that folder just drag that locked folder in to the Folder.exe file.
Now you can protect your Secret things.

Try this to locking folders
What do you think about this folder lock? Is it good?


World first color photo

The world’s first color photo is Tartan Ribbon, This color photo taken by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861. This color photo taken by three times, each time with a different color filter over the lens. After developed these 3 images it projected to a screen with 3 different projectors. Each projector equipped with the same filters used to take its image. By these three images it creates a new image full color photo. These 3 photography plates now at the house of Maxwell, museum of Edinburgh.

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National Geographic Pictures

These pictures are the best guide and good start too familiar with national geography. Check all these best digital pictures.

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