World Most Intelligent Animal Chimpanzee Adaptations

Chimpanzees are the world most intelligent animal in the world. The amazing thing is that chimpanzees can identify their reflection in the mirror and react to it but other animal couldn’t do it. This intelligent animal can found in wet tropical forest and savannas of West and central Africa. Chimpanzees are able to solve problems that given by human trainers.

Also these Chimpanzees had a good memory than other Animals. Most of the chimpanzees use sign language to communicate with humans. 98% of DNA in Chimpanzees is same as the human. Also this animal can perform computer tasks.  



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Jimbob Greaves said...

What about good old Homo Sapiens? Granted we can all be pretty stupid sometimes but aren't we proved to be more intelligent by the very fact that we are discussing the topic (and on the internet)?

Anonymous said...

I second Jimbob. Humans is animals too.

Unknown said...

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