Largest Watermelon Ever from Lloyd Bright Family

When we talk about largest watermelons the name “Lloyd Bright” always comes to the front, because he is the current world record holder of “biggest watermelon grower”. The biggest watermelon weight is 268.8 pounds (122 kg). He lives in Arkansas USA.

He and his family (Ivan) have 3 giant watermelon records in 2005, 1985, 1979. In 2005 watermelon is the biggest water melon ever with 268.8 pounds. In 1985 he cultivated 260 pounds watermelon. There are so many histories of water melons but Lloyd Bright and his family is the world best giant watermelon growers ever.

In 1979 Record Watermelon

In 1985 Record Watermelon

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butch PEREZ said...

How long dose it take to grow a watermelon that big

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