Landing Gear Fail Plane Save without Crashing by Pickup Truck

This is highly recommended video for you to watch. The malfunctioning landing gear fail plane save using a pickup truck. The people are so scared because front wheels not going to work in the landing. Definitely plane will crash when landing. So decision makers take a decision to use a truck with a brave driver to land the front wheels of the plane in to the truck back and truck tires are work as the front wheel for the plane. The truck driven by a airport mechanic and he became a hero after his amazing driving. He saved lot of lives. See how truck saves the plane.

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Anonymous said...

It's a NISSAN ads?

Read the note at bottom right corner of the video:

Fictionalization. Do not attempt!

Anonymous said...

it's a commercial for the nissan frontier

The Oklahoma Tomcat said...

I have seen the commercial but the video posted here is from the actual news report. Notice that in this video it doesn't say "Fictionalization" but on the top left you will see times where it says "actual witness video" The commercial does say "Fictionalization. Do not attempt!" so that Nissan won't get sued by someone who tries to be a hero cause they saw the commercial. No doubt that it wasn't the truck itself that made this a success. The truck driver and pilot had a lot in making this work.

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