Amazing Strengthen Shaolin Monk Balances on Two Fingers

Shaolin monk’s strength is very amazing and unbelievable. Their training schedules and secret fighting skills are still secret to the world. They can do so many amazing things and this is a bit of it. Normally they wouldn’t show off their skills to public. Try to balance from two fingers (Do not try) definitely you can’t and inside of your finger will breaks.
This is a nice comment I got for this video and I will publish on this

wake up at 4 a.m - six hours of practicing kung fu, small break, 6 hours of studying Zen, break, some cleaning maybe, some eating, drinking, meditation, sleep.
Our day: wake up at 4 a.m. to be at work at 6. Work until 5-6 p.m., come home, do some cleaning and throw some meal in your face, turn on the TV until fall asleep.
They: powerful, studied, trained, amazing,legendary
We: old, tired, damaged, weak, boring ... and all that for a shit of money which isn't enough at all

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