World Record for Rubik’s Cube and its History

Erno Rubik is the inventor of this amazing Rubik’s Cube. He was a Hungarian and worked as architecture also professor. In 1974, he came up with an amazing idea to do something with cubes. His idea was “Can collection of cubes moves freely one above one without breaking the structure?”

With the idea the professor created a big cube structure with 26 cubes. That’s the first invention of this Rubik’s Cube. These pictures are shown the types of Rubik’s Cubes,
  • This is the most famous and standard one.

  • This is 12X12X12 Rubik’s Cubes, you can imagine how complicated is that,

  • This is the most simple one 2X2X2

After creation of the Rubik’s Cubes, the professor tried to move the cubes and take is back to original positions. But the professor was understood that, this is not simple as he thinks. Professor took a month to set all the cubes in original positions.  In 1975, Erno Rubik took the patent for the Rubik’s Cube and he became a millionaire with this amazing toy.

The bottom video shows the king of Rubik’s Cube. He is Feliks Zemdegs from Australia. He has born 1995, starting to solve cubes since 2008. He is the current world champion of most of categories in Rubik’s Cube. This is his best time for standard Rubik’s Cube 5.66 seconds AMAZING.

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Anonymous said...

This article needs to be updated. The World Record is now even lower, at 4.9 seconds.

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