Amazing Kardinal Fish

World is amazing. There are so many hidden amazing things of the world. The great sea hides most of the secrets. This is one of them. This story about the fish named “Kardinal Fish”. 

Kardinal fish is a great farther and also a great husband. He does not let his wife to protect the eggs. He does it himself. After lay the eggs the Kardinal fish put those eggs in his mouth to protect. It will take weeks to born new babies, but the Kardinal fish keeps them for weeks without food. 

It is very rare that to photograph this amazing thing. But a British police man took some pictures of this amazing event for the whole world. 

During these brood weeks, Kardinal fish will out some eggs from his mouth time to time (like in 10 minutes intervals). He does this because to keep the eggs fresh and clean. After irrupt some eggs, again he will put those in his mouth. Accidentally 30 percent of the eggs will evour to him. See the images of this amazing event.

Because of the earth heat, this fish is in danger and named as a one of Threatened Species. 

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