The World Maps

This is “Vinland map” possibly the first map showing the new world, Currently it is in the Yale university’s Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript library. By using the carbon-dating technology it determine the age of this map as approximately 1434 A.D this is nearly 60 years before Columbus set foot in West Indies.

This map ; 1775 world map is created by Pourade, Richard F.

In 1942 Feb 25 create this map by Maurice Gomberg and this named as “Outline of post-war new world map” This map include a message from Franklin Roosevelt about Four Freedom of Moral Order.
This map created by Geographia Map Company and this is the “Standard map of the world”

CIA create this map in 2001.
2004 world map by U.S Army

World map 2009

Do you know any history about world maps share it.

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