fastest super computer in 2009

It is Cray XT5-HE super computer also known as “Jaguar” which is in USA oak Ridge National Laboratory (managed for the U.S department of energy). This has Linux operation system with AMD x86_64 Opteron Six core 2.6 GHz (10.4 GFlops) processor. Jaguar can process 1.75 petaflop/s (or quadrillions of floting point operations per second), and the No 2 super computer IBM’s Roadrunner can process 1.04 petaflop/s.

Also Chain Tianhe – 1computer placed 5th place, Chain use this computer to petroleum exploration and engineering tasks such as simulating aircraft designs.

Top 5 Ranking

Jaguar,Cray ,USA,(1.75 pataflop/s)
Roadrunner,IBM,USA(1.04 petaflop/s)
Kraken XT5, Cray,USA(832 teraflop/s)
Jugene, IBM, Germany (825.5 teraflop/s)
Tianhe-1, NUDT, China (563.1 teraflop/s)

Road runner


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