World First Plant Converts Plastics & Polythene to Petrol, Invented by Srilanka

 The Minister Pumping the first Petrol to Motor bike

World first plant which converts plastic and polythene in to petrol was launched last week Yatiyanthota –Srilanka. “Ananda Withanage” is the person who invented this amazing innovation. The Central Environment Authority and Department of chemical engineering process University of Moratuwa also gave a great support for Ananda to develop this amazing plant.

This new petrol was pumped to new vehicles and they worked like real petrol.  From this innovation whole the world can stop the pollution of polythene and plastic.  By using this plant can convert 500 kg-1000kg per day and around 0.75-1 liters can produce by using 1 kilo of waste plastics.

By using this method can provide a stable solution for waste plastics and can sell 1 liter of petro around Rs75 ($0.65) now it’s around $1.2. So “Ananda Withanage” is a great man finally the Minister “Patali Ranawaka” Said.  

The Process of converting Petrol

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