Amazing Blind Spot Experiment

Again small practical tricks for you. This article shows some magic to you, but these are scientifically magics. Do you remember the O/L science? We learned something called "Blind Spot" in the eyes. "Blind Spot" is the place where the eye nerve connected to the eye.

We cannot see images that are focused to the Blind spot in the eyes. As we have two eyes, the images are focused to the blind spot in one eye will show from the other one. So we are going to do some experiment of this blind spot now.

What we are going to do closes one eye and see the changes.

Experiment 1

Close your right hand side eye, then look at the cross in the image from your left eye. Now come closer to the monitor. When the distance from the monitor and face nearly equals to 15cm the big black ball disappears. That's because of the black ball focus to the blind spot.

Experiment 2

This also looks like the first one. Close your right hand side eye,  and look at the cross from the left eye. Keep coming closer to monitor bit by bit, dotted line will disappear and shows it as a straight line. 

Experiment 3

Close your left eye. See the square from your right eye. See what happens to the red spot.

Experiment 4

Close your right and see it from the left eye. What did you see?

Experiment 5

Close your left eye and see the green line.

Sometimes you may experience this in your normal life.

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Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful!!
This is new to me.
Thanks for this amazing information.

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