Amazing Fire Waterfall of Yosemite - Pictures

Yosemite Park California - fire waterfall, is one of the most amazing sights of the world. In 1980 this named as "Yosemite park California".  Rough soil terrain, ancient pine trees and waterfalls helps this park famous around the world. The area of this park is around 1200 km2 and the "fire" waterfall of El Captain is the best attractive item of this park.

This "fire" waterfall born because of the sunrises are coming to the waterfall at a constant angle. But this has not happened everyday, this happens only in once a year last 2 weeks of February (only a few minutes once a day).  There are so many factors also should have been true to see this miracle scene. 

One cause is measure of water falls from the mountains. This waterfall originates from the hills by floating ice, if there's no ice on February there's no waterfall. Another reason is cloudy weather, this park has a very unpredictable weather condition and it changes rapidly. Some lucky photographers took some photos for us. 

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