Folder Locking Software in VB 6

By using this software can protect data in file folder. We can secure files
file protection,file security done by this software.

This folder locking software is used to lock the folders that no one can enter to it .First Open the Microsoft visual basic 6.0 select file select “Standard exe”.

In the property window select name field give as “FrmMain”, and then select the “icon” property in property window give the path to icon(If you install graphics when you install vb then select this path C:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Graphics\Icon\Misc\SECUROIB.ICO). Else select the icon you want. When you create the .exe file this is the icon of that .exe file.

Double click on the form the code window will appear and delete all the things there.

After Type the code Save it. (Save the Form name As “FrmMain” and Project as “Folderlock”). Then to create .exe file select file select “make folderlock.exe” If there is no errors we can save it.

Now run the exe file if .exe file ok then it display “Drop a folder on my icon”

Now drag a folder to .exe file then it locked (Also the icon of the folder also changes). If we try to open it, we can’t open, and it opens some location. If we want to unlock that folder just drag that locked folder in to the Folder.exe file.
Now you can protect your Secret things.

Try this to locking folders
What do you think about this folder lock? Is it good?

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