Jayshawn Augusto 11 Year Old Promising Basketball Player and Runner

Jayshawn Augusto is an extraordinary 11 year kid with promising skills. He is an unbelievable basket ball kid with great skills of dribbling and shooting. With all these basket ball skills he is a long distance high speed runner. For basket ball his workout is 4 hours/day, he can dribble the ball in any way and also he can dribble two balls without problem. His ambition is to be a NBA player. As I told before he is a long distance runner, he can run a mile with 4.15 min (World record time). This speed is the fastest speed than any 11 year old kid run in any competition. He is an 11 year old machine, secret behind his speed is his leg muscles absorb more oxygen and hold it for long time. Wonderful video you will love this.

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