Ancient Temple of Abu Simbel Egypt Built by Ramesses II

Abu Simbel is a set of two temples built by Pharaoh Ramesses II who reigned 67 years during the 13thcentury BC. This set of temples is located in near to the border of Egypt and Sudan 270km away from the Aswan city. 

From one of the temples called great Abu Simbel temple also called Sun temple of Ramesses II. This temple was dedicated to the four universal gods “Ptah”, “Re-Her-Akhtey”, “Amun-Re”, ant to himself “Ramesses II”. This statues located in innermost part of the rock-cut temple. Each of this statues height over 20m and one has been damaged since ancient time.

The small temple called temple of Queen Nefertari also called temple of Hathor. This temple is completely   ahead of the Great temple and dedicated to Ramesses queen Nefertari. At the entrance of the temple 10m height rock-cut 3 statues placed either side of the doorway. Two of them are Ramesses and one of Nefertari. These Abu Simbel temples are considered to be the most impressive temples from seven temples Ramesses built. The great temple height is 108 feet and 125 feet wide.

There are 3 ways to reach to Abu Simbel temples by road, air or boat. The boat is achieved by cruising from the High Dam on a 3-day journey. Also there are buses from Aswan city.

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Parag said...

Another possible way to reach Abu Simbel Temples is by boat through Lake Nasser. Due to security concerns, Abu Simbel is presently not accessible by car to foreigners. Anyone wishing to visit Abu Simbel by road must join a tour convoy

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