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In early ages, 79 A.D August 24 was not just another day for the earth. Something was happening inside the earth. The people of Pompeii had been busy with their usual day to day work. Suddenly the Mount Vesuvius was erupted. People cannot change the nature; they all were looking the sky to see the ashes because of the eruption. 

City of Herculaneum was the best motel in Italy at that time. The lava of the volcano took few seconds to shut the city of Herculaneum. Pompeii is the nearest city of Herculaneum, after the Herculaneum the Lava flows to Pompeii with a few seconds of time. That was the end of Pompeii. The people try to run as fast as they can, but the Lava flows throughout the city of a speed of 50-100 MPH. The city covered from the ashes and the sun goes down for Pompeii for a few days. The death count was some thousand. 

This city was shut from human another 700 years of time after the eruption. After 700 years an Engineer found a part of building in Pompeii then the Pompeii city becomes wide open to the world. In 1860 the regeneration process of Pompeii speeded rapidly and now the city became a museum for people. The city is still alive; Pompeii statue people do their day to day work.

I think he prays to God.

The sleeping people or the people in prison.

People with his work place in Pompeii

Some more of the people of Pompeii

Originated the city of Pompeii after 1860.

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