Mysteries Surround in Shaolin Temple

This temple is the most famous temple in China. It is situated in the north side of Shaoshi the western peak of Mount Song. This wonderful and amazing temple is established in 495, as the Indian monk Batuo’s (also called Fotuo or Bhadra) house, this is built by Emperor “Xiaowen” (he believe the Buddhism) to help the Indian monk to spread the Buddhism.

Shaolin temple is the origin of martial arts and the “Kung Fu” is the vaguest mysteries of the Shaolin temple and the Monks of shaolin.

power of Shaolin Kunfu

In 517 the “Damo” legendary Indian Monk came there. So many experts in China said that the famous “Yijinjing” (the base of Shaolin martial Arts/Gonfu) wrote by Damo and he medicate for 9 years in a cave (Now a days that cave called “Damo”).
But originally in 1624 “Yijinjing” wrote by Taoist priest Tiantai.
This shaolin located in a Strategic area so to protects the temple from war the Shaolin was allowed have solider-Monks. In 1368-1644 shaolin had 1000 solid-Monks. The governments use them to combat rebellions and Japan Bandits. In 1928 shaolin is damaged as the big fire. This is very beautiful temple with 232 pagodas, 500 arhats. This temple is a Mahayana Buddhist monastery best known to the western world.

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