Old Sow Whirlpool largest Tidal Whirlpool in Western Hemisphere

This Old Sow whirlpool located in between Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada and Moose Island, Eastport, Maine, USA. This consider as the 2nd biggest tidal whirlpool in the earth. The word “Old Sow” is derived by “Pigs-like”, when this whirlpool rotating it gives a noise like pig scream. That how this whirl pool got its name “Old Sow”. When this whirlpool rotating, it causes to generate child whirlpools also they are called Piglets.

The Diameter of this Whirlpool is 250 feet (75 m) and it rotating a speed of 25kmph. Geographical physical feature (topography) of the sea floor and heavy tidal range between the water exchange of Fundy Bay and Passamaquoddy Bay leads to caused a this kind of heavy Whirlpool. Best place to watch this Amazing whirlpool is the right end of Deer Island.

Watch this video Amazing Whirlpool

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Tommy said...

Cool stuff mate, wouldn't mind seeing it myself. nice blog by the way.

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