New Programming Language, “Google Go”

Computers are always trying to solve problems. We solve problems by using a computer understandable language; it’s called a programming language. There are so many programming languages are available for programmers to write codes. The Google also created a new programming language called “Google Go” to solve problems in an easy way. As Google said”Google Go” is a program language that combines all the good properties of other languages. Such as Java is easy to right codes, C is good for memory usage. Like wise “Google Go” combines all the good properties of other programming languages. Most of the programmer said that “Go” is a combination of Python and C++ and also this is an open source programming language.

“Go” first implementation started before 12 years ago. In 2007 September 21 this started rapid development and 2009 November 13 publish this language.
Some features of “Go”, this compilers produce very fast code. Compared with C, this is better. Also this is very type safe & memory safe language. This language deal with the concurrent issues. And also this is very joyful language with so many methods in any type, fast builds.

Hello World Program

package main

import "fmt"
func main()
fmt.Printf("Hello World")

Save it as helloworld.go
Then compile it.

$ gccgo helloworld.go
$ a.out

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