Try These Microsoft Secrets

Things that Microsoft couldn’t explain
Just try these things

Magic 1
Try to create a Folder named as “CON”. This is an amazing stuff because any location in the computer we can’t create a Folder “CON”. All the Microsoft team also couldn’t answer this question why this happen. An Indian person found this. Try…

Magic 2
For the windows users just do this and see the amaze, first open the Note pad text file. Then Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes). Save it any place you want. Close that file and re-open it. Can you notice that all the letters get corrupted? No one can explain this...

Magic 3
This is also a funny stuff even Bill gates also couldn’t explain, open the Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99) then press Enter. Can you see the magic? This was found by the Brazilian.

Magic 4
Did you know that the flight numbers of the planes that hit one of the World trade center towers on September was Q33N.
Just open Notepad, Word-pad or MS word and type the flight number Q33N. Then increase the font size to 72, and select the font to Wingdings. What do you say? Is it amaze?

What do you thing about this stuff just comment...

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