Ireland Best Tourist Attractions Cliffs Of Moher, Awesome place to travel

This Cliffs of Moher is in Ireland, South from the Doolin village. This Cliffs are the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland. This cliffs rising slowly from Doolin village and cliffs rise 120 meters above from the Atlantic Ocean at the Hag’s Head, and reach to maximum of 214 meters just North of O’Brien’s Tower, 8 km away. O’Brien Tower is the mid point of these cliffs.

The Ireland Cliffs mainly consist of Namurian Shale and sandstone. Also there are so many Sea birds place their nest on the Cliffs. Some of them are Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Chough, Common gull.

This place is very famous all around the world, so the government of Ireland builds this site for visitors. Also in there some Ferry boat trips allow visitors to watch the Cliffs from sea level. Also this place taken for so many films and other entertainment stuff, in 2009 “Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince” also featured in this Cliffs. In this place there is a surfing route also Suffers travel by “Jetski” to “Doolin” the wave of the bottom of cliffs can be 35 ft high.

There are so many routes to Cliffs of Moher,

There are so many Accommodation facilities are arranging near the Cliffs some Hotel details.

Sea View House: +353 657074826

Doonmacfelim House: +353 657074503

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