Worlds Most Poison Deadly Animal, Box Jellyfish

Attack By jellyfish

Box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world. This jelly fish can found in Asia and Australia especially Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand oceans. Since 1954 it is recorded that 5567 death by box jellyfish attack. This Jellyfish’s venom is very deadly one. This jelly fish’s poison is very painful, some survivors from this jellyfish said that the pain will not over among weeks.

This jellyfish venom attacks to nervous system, heart and skin cells. Survive from the jellyfish venom is very difficult because it attacks the body very rapidly, if treated immediately there may be a chance. Vinegar is the immediate treatment for this, by applying vinegar the jelly’s nematocysts not go into stream.

In north Australia between October & May there are highest risk period of attack by jelly fish. Similarly with calm and light water there is highest risk of attacking a jelly. Beware from jelly when you go to Swim in the sea.

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