When Electricity Was Invented?

Electricity is like food for us in the modern world. Because now you are reading this article though internet and you using a computer device, device need power to work and power generated by the electricity. .  Electricity is a natural thing, can observed in lighting and static electricity.  But now there is a question that who invented this electricity?

The electric is not invented. The innovation of electricity was rather a chain of innovations that paved a path for use of electricity. But “Benjamin Franklin” is the person who credited to discover the electricity. He discovered electricity by his experiment of flying a kite a thunderstorm. Benjamin Franklin popular because of his theories on the relationship between lightning and static electricity sparked within the later scientists who provided the basis for modern electrical technology. Some of these famous scientists are Luigi Galvani, Alessandro Volta, Michel Faraday, Andre-Marie Ampere and Simon Ohm.

Thales of Miletus in Greece is the known first person who works on experimentation with electric properties. He wrote an article about static electricity that attracted pieces of straw and hair to rubber rods in 600 AD.      

In Benjamin Franklin Kite experiment, in 1752 in an electrical storm, he flew a kite that had metal key at the bottom of the string. When bolt of lightning hit the kite and a spark of electricity flew from the key. In this experiment he discovered that lightning is a natural process of electricity and lightning rod a attract lightning and draw it into ground.  

So Benjamin Franklin not invented electricity, electricity has always been around because it naturally exists in the world.

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