World First International Cricket Match, USA VS CANADA

International cricket match mean one national team travel to another country and play cricket. The first official international cricket match played in 25 and 27 of September 1844 at the St George’s cricket club in New York, organizers planed to play the match in 25 and 26 but due to bad weather in 26 they moved the match into 27 . The two teams are USA and Canada (United States of America VS British Empire's Canadian Province). Nearly 10000 to 20000 spectators came to watch this match and Canada won by 22 runs.

USA team consisted with players of 4 cricket clubs (Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and New York). Canada came with their national team (Mainly consisted with Toronto Cricket Club players). Betting also took place in this match (Over $120,000 bets were placed).


First Innings -82 A/O
Second Innings-62 A/O

First Innings -62 A/O
Second Innings-58 A/O

Canada won by 22 runs. 

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