How Nature gives Happiness to Life with Amazing Sceneries

Did you imagine how our living nature is beautiful? These are some example in summer, how nature creates amazing things. This is a great definition for nature

“Nature is beauty. Lands, plants, animals, skies, and oceans are all a part of nature that is shared with us. Nature is so amazing because it doesn't need the assistance of man to continue surviving as it has done for so long. Nature's goodness can also make up for all that is bad or wrong with man. Man destroys but nature creates and gives birth to. Nature is peaceful and content. It seems as if nature is the backbone to happiness. If there was no nature there would be nothing left in this world to admire and cherish.”

As above definition natures gives us the live happiness and all so protect it then next 1000 to billion year people can take this kind of pictures and be happy every day.

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