NASA found Weird Bacteria live without Phosphorus

This bacterium is found in the earth. As we all know “Phosphorus” is an essential element for exists a life. But this Bacterium can live in the poisoned environment and it cans cataclinal to the environment. So there may be life in the unexpected places in Solar system with different conditions.

This bacterium took from lake in California and step by step change the environment of the bacteria to poisoned environment in the research lab. Amazingly without Phosphorus this bacterium grows inside the poisoned environment. 

In previous researches of “finding life in solar system”, Researchers first check the essential elements for exists a life (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorous, Sulphur). If those elements couldn’t find then they ignore that place in Solar. But with this new innovation Researchers faces a problem to identify the places that can exists a life and what element should give the best priority.

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