Amazing Sky Lifter Powered by Solar Power and Biodiesel

As you all know helicopter can lift only limited amount of weight, as it not fulfill the needs of modern world, Australia made a new Sky Lifter. This sky lifter powered by Solar power and Biodiesel, it can carry nearly 150 tons in 1200miles.

This sky lifter is very useful in urgent matters (floods, earthquakes) because it can carry huge weight and go up to 50mph. The founders of sky lifter are trying to use this as comfortable air ships for carrying people. 

The shape of sky lifter helps to avoid any wind condition. This is nearly 500 feet widest and Voith-Schneider helps to keep the balance of this Sky Lifter.

As I previously mentioned this generate power using Solar and Biodiesel, The power use to rotate the Voith-Schneider. The solar panel also placed to get the optimum sun rise. Don’t Mess up this with Alien ships (same shape).

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Solar Energy David said...

Solar energy and power continue to hold promising technologies for the future and this is one of them!

Mr. Shife said...

Very cool. Hopefully these will be around sooner than later for the public.

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